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Violence on Market street in Center City of Philadelphia

Updated: The group of gentleman wearing formidable attire carried with them small weapons, including a mace and flail, two extrema ratio 6mm blades and a nailed baseball bat that was later found on the scene. The gangster-gentlemen staged a riot that would gather about 550 advocators by the end once the premise became clear. They chanted Thomas-Jefferson Daughter several times as they crashed through banks and plazas at will. A small fire fight occurred with only one wounded and zero arrest. The riot leaders are believed to have been Robert Traynor of Pitman, Nicholas Cristella of Pitman, and Andrew
Degeorge of Pitman (New Heresy). Walnut street was blocked for the remainder of the night where most of the clash took place. Police said “We kind of expected some activity once a Mr. Cristella shouted in a court room earlier this week and I quote. “Give me my f*cking wife. Thomas Jefferson Daughter.” Damages have been estimated in excess of
$100,000. Including 4 flipped cars were burned with extensive structural damage to several building fronts. The named Thomas Jefferson Daughter is believed to be a famed singer Kimberly Perry or the daughter of C-line tycoon Thomas Crawford, Kimberly Crawford. Their current relationship is unknown.

“The rights of our Republican entitlements are not being upheld”

Bridge Drawing of the Future.

This is a hand drawing of mine. A stone bridge. Thought it’d be nice.