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What is Decisive Decisions Marketing?

Decisive Decisions Marketing, LLC is a multi-market conglomerate in its early stage of fundamental growth; with big ideas and large plans for the future Decisive Decisions Capital Markets are an investment for investors seeking meaningful and financial success.


The context of Odiogo is rather good. I suggest reading and then using the text-to-speech. It takes some paying attention to but it is quite good. Currently the number of articles are limited to the previous ten posts, I am working on getting the rest of them uploaded. In the meantime enjoy the most recent articles.

True Decisions

I don’t neccessarily believe other people exist but the economy does(believe they exist). What does this mean? The world is infested and infestation causes problem. A 7 billion person planet means every dollar spent in the economy is ultimately processed down to neccessitative resources, basic appliances and other things we have made consequential to our society. It doesn’t matter what you purchase…the money is taken and divided down until a medium of equitable life is achieved. An average house, with likely a TV, a radio, clothing, a car, etc….the quality within that household is commonly congenial meaning one must make trade offs of quality.Fpr example 2 premium TV’s in your house instead of an upgraded vehicle (potentially, of course)

This goes without saying the trade offs could be a variety of anything. Ultimately it does not pay not to spend money. This is really a question for the Queen presuming her money is the basis to any further breaking down of sovereignty into the system/planet. Are we hopeless is the question we must ask. Is there an investment of our finances that offer a higher solution or will financial increases ultimately slide the scale to an inflated and unvalued economy? If our finances are hopeless outputs of the Queen our only hope would be that she spends all her money. The selfish presumption is an independent currency, likely the Pound(GBP) or qualtitative resources such as impactful means of engineering for instance a nuclear power plant which could be considered a negative deduction to positive sovereignty, these means are only spent or included when expectation is met. An assumption of life naturally occurrs from the state of this economy: If the basis to the common class of citizen is a hopeless medium (America) A default of society exist(the imposed middle mentioned prior). A default of sovereignty concludes and the basic value of life is produced. Ultimately, wealth can therefore only be granted for higher inclusion or likely terrible balance of soveriengty is concluded by the Queen’s hand. The question to our fate lies in if theres an answer or a solution to a dissolved dollar.

Personally my only answer thus far Is to upset the equation. To be epic but I fear the lines of this planet lie so low it adjust no more then a tad. The answer is true but the world is wrong. My suggestion would be high end investment of joint venture into valuable goods. Though the investments by each individual into the corporation would have to be substantial enough to find consequential benefit among its investors. We can now concluded a strong demand for an agreed upon valuable object(s) and a demanded need an exspendableamount of income to each individual investor. This brings us to a conclusion, assuming the valuable object is the Mossaieff diamond, A 25 million dollar diamond, the conclusion is at what exhibited significance can it bring to the valuation of those who pocess it and those who find interest for it?

My personal conclusion is a division of town and district is required to compound its fame but production must be met within its jurisdiction to resolute other competitive composing societies.

Your question The diamond and donation/fare or the production (the stuff)?

A word of this world (from what I know so far)

Make no mistake at this point, (and I think it goes with saying to any life on this planet) People are either pathetically poor or they’re bad. If their not a source that helps other people they end up one of these two things in America. They/re likely a combination of both. The only hope is that its breaking down a wealthy source responsible. The poorest have already attacked me claiming the wealth of the un-wealthy. yes….I know ….disgusting. As if we should be thankful there is air on the planet. If I had a better witness I would behead a lot of people in this world. I’ve seen poor and then their’s the intentional degree no one can believe in. I don’t know if its a corporation trying to create its own decree but its as low as globalization. It intends to ruin everything. It is as-if their cutting the edges on your cars but can’t afford the weight of metal. Commonly no good and often found in moderation. These are extremes no one needs and I call to question that it was only done in such a way to protect the lie of wealth it proclaims among us. To never envoke it but hold it against us to lower the substantiation of another public. I sit here helpless not because I want what they have but because I’m in a place of theirs and not my own. The people and life are scarce and ridiculed by basic forms of new poverty. The roads are there not to travel but to make you drive. There is no doubt Gods are powerful and capable but truth be told in humanity will hold true to them (the Gods) as well. Anyone can do things wrong, anyone can mislead and ultimately the foils created towards us create a limited mind. One that is weak and small like the high heat of a small flame it will be all that keeps them warm in the end.

Collaborative Expulsion, Emperor Nicholas Cristella

I, Emperor Nicholas Cristella, hereby set forth into action that no company shall have collaborative income to benefit from in pursuit of higher means. Including but not limited to family and organizations.

This action is final on 8/07/2014


Our recent story on the Kimberly Perry break up with flailing baseball player J.P. Arencibia took hot to the stands. Mass mogul Nicholas “Archos” Cristella was a fevering favorite to most. Certain scandal was a brew behind scenes of The Band Perry and their Management, Kimberly’s famed musician group.

Bob Doyle of Major Bob Entertainment was not pleased with her (Kimberly) true love choice but instead was hot for the endorsement and network rich J.P. Arencibia and what he might bring to Major Bob Entertainment.

To show his bulging disappointment he restricted Kimberly and Nicholas from seeing one another during the band’s summer tour to make matters steeper he went as far as restricting all Kimberly’s mobile and computer communication with his now mogul foe, Kimberly’s fiance Archos.

Concerns of the wedding being delayed for its early to mid 2015 showing at the Parthenon in Tennessee quickly got supporters attention. A 50,000 person petition was signed to confront the restriction imposed by tyraiding manager Bob Doyle. Members of national committees as well as concerned citizens voweled their names for these two lovers and are “extending their arms” in this time of need. Neither brother was available for comment. Ms. Perry was heard to be upset but handling the situation well. More to come.

-Reuters Washington
-Luxury Belfaste News

Kimberly Perry & Nicholas “Archos” Cristella to Wed in beginning of 2015

Kimberly Perry famed singer has broken off her engagement with slumping baseball player J.P. Arencibia of the Texas Rangers after allegedly he was found with a brothel of strippers at a night club on the Vegas strip. The two were said to have been on shaky terms to start. The new comer is Nicholas Cristella who proposed immediately after the reprievel of wedding rings. The new ring weighs in at just over 3 karats in an all platinum setting. The two say they are happy and really sensed “this would be their heading” as they have been long time friends. Archos joked “practically centuries.” Kimberly said she simply couldn’t handle the embarrassment anymore. Ms. Perry mentioned “It was as if I didn’t matter” Her brother Neil chimed in “No sense of urgency.” Third brother guitarist, Ri


ed Perry confirmed, “He was no good for my sister” referring to J.P.’s poor play on the field and at home. Batting just a .094, the worst in the league. The sibling trio seem to all be enjoy with their new man. The wedding is to take place at the Parthenon in Tennessee some time in 2015.

– Luxury Belfaste News
-Reuters Washingtons

New York wants him back, Philadelphia can’t hold him down. Who is this mass mogul that goes by name Archos? Stay tuned…

BitCoin Mining True Facts of Profitability

BitCoin has just become apparent in the passed few months. BitCoin Mining is a CPU generating financial currency. If you’ve arrived to this page you are admireably wondering if it is profitable or not. Here are the quick stats I have from my experience thus far. If these change I will re-post the information so feel free to check back. Currently BitCoin generates approximately $1.12s per gigahertz of computing power per month.  If you had a few teraflops of computing power you might just put together a savings account. The numbers are based off of actual results with a bitcoin priced at $500 each.

The economic equation for wealth growth in the financial market is a simple one. A Balance of power with a basis of wealth to build trust. I think you’ll find if the numbers don’t change soon BitCoin is lacking both in this industry. Its a congeneous equation for possibly one or a few people to cash in on. It is a neat idea but America lacks the restraint and gears of ambiguity to establish this economy.

If the numbers do change I will post them on this post so again feel free to check back every couple months.

The Tenisian and The Emperor

Screenshot_2012-12-09-06-11-58There are several analytic basis that can be concurring to this story. Events that have taken place in history that coincide with this article and it is my hope journalist and researchers for sometime will provide such information. The American controversy has always been a great one. It starts with Athens, Greece and most of Eastern Europe and end in the States. Every so often an Emperor of Rome must make a decision. Reoccurringly the Tenisian wife comes into play. A hybrid of the Pennsylvania Dutch, Athens and the rest of Europe, some believe she is the key to the Roman  Emperors power. When she is in Athens she creates the work force of wealth, when she is in Tennessee the powers and controls of time and when in Rome a superior Sun/Son all to hold forth. What is an America? Is it the channels in which we create our future lives? Is it remote slavery or punishment? It is possible that all apply here. A time to construct the once seemingly impossible. A way to negotiate opportunity. With loose tie and civil line political play ultimately becomes of course. Does a bad republic create the democratic ties to overthrow or undermine to not accept victory but produce defeat? An Emperor’s true battle when marrying a new republic are these fine lines of negotiation. For instance we take Kim Perry (search Athena’s adolescence) with America as the congressional tie one can presume the issues within her congressional control. Again to undermine or overthrow but potentially the conviction of commitment. The major issues with Athenian policy is the proof of existence. Athena may produce a congregation toward the consolidation of her existence but is the existence of congregation worth producing. Most commonly one can assert the highest function is in play and only the common investment, typically beautification and attribution but possibly time are all that play. Unfortunately the premise is almost always proven to be of lower existence then the full potential of the outcome without negotiation. (see American policy) It will continuously produce democratic value and poor attribution with only means of controlled contribution to be extorted for attributing circumstances. This form is known as Quantitative poverty. Severe cases exist in America. What can one construct from such existences presented? Ultimately and unfortunately we can presume that if quantitative poverty exist in one’s presence the further seeming attributions of existence are likely non-beneficial. As the future Emperor of this planet my decisions become confined to only notions towards time, subjectively. It is possible to reside toward such belief that this was simply a system of demonstration. I believe it is necessary to conclude the channels of negotiation have been created. Though from what I’ve seen ticket stubs for dimes are no better a conclusion then a raffle on a cereal box. One must realize there are very few times an Emperor can accommodate new society, and true white beauty is hard to find. I can only assert very few notions about America. The platform too large, the construct too small and the people in too much need. It is small and at best accommodates a Tenisian wife and an Emperor. Still though channels may be created one must ask themselves if it has a physical purpose greater then it’s pre-configured platform. From a citizen’s point of view mass skyscrapers are continuously modernized and produced with nearly a 90% unemployment rate. The buildings are empty and most beliefs in Banks are no greater then a grocery store. A mass white class of impoverished judgement is perceived between the barriers of non-existence and Georgia. Most would agree it is simply to demean and prevent the culturalization of civilization. Strangely, the population can find little to no higher existence rather then promote it has active stake in a world that is certain on their behalf have the slightest clue toward that which they participate in. profile pic

Breaking News: 1 of 1 R/C yellow mini submarine goes under

The submarine, a 1 of 1, was traveling in a pond at approximately 8 AM on August 5th. The Yellow R/C submarine was taking a routine dive when it hit a depth of over five feet and was said to be taken under. A rescue mission was enacted immediately to recover the vessel within the hour. The submarine had 60 minutes of battery life as responders assisted quickly. The submarine did not re-emerge from the depths of Idaho’s Fuller Pond and is likely perminently stranded. Insiders say the vessel had just undergone modifications to maximize range and its possible the captain may have pushed the capability of the vessel. Replacing the Mako-200 series sub will cost approximately over $100.

The Nicholas

We are looking for new support to establish the Nicholas Wife. A website that expresses and impresses input to the surreal reality of high culture. The Nicholas wife will not only account for a high level of asset building financial assets but accrue the full obligation standard among all society. Your contributions financially and intuitively will go toward this corporation and estate value.

The Nicholas

We are looking for new support to establish the Nicholas Wife. A website that expresses and impresses input to the surreal reality of high culture. The Nicholas wife will not only account for a high level of asset building financial assets but accrue the full obligation standard among all society. Your contributions financially and intuitively will go toward this corporation and estate value.